Sunday, April 11, 2010

Truckin' on Down the Road

Almost anything with wheels is a popular choice for preschoolers, but trucks in particular are favorites. And what happens often is that little ones find a favorite theme (like trucks or trains or butterflies) and then they want many, many books about the same topic. Sometimes it's easy to keep fulfilling their requests, but other times it's a real challenge! Below you'll find some great books featuring trucks and here are some links to previous posts as well: My Truck Is Stuck, Stuck Truck, I Stink, and Duck in the Truck. Don't forget to check out your local libraries for these titles.

Trucks by Byron Barton
This very simple board book is one in Barton's series. The illustrations are bold and feature different trucks in action. The text is simple making this a great choice for the youngest truck enthusiasts. (Ages 1-3)
(Full bibliographic info: Barton, Byron. Trucks. Harper Collins, 1986.)

This Truck by Paul Collicutt
Like the other titles by Collicutt, This Truck features simple text with realistic illustrations of actual trucks and it's not all the usual suspects - fork lift, excavator, fire engine, dump truck. (Ages 2-5)
(Full bibliographic info: Collicutt, Paul. This Truck. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2004.)

Truck by Donald Crews
This 1981 Caldecott Honor book is a wordless journey of a delivery truck loading, traveling, and unloading its cargo. The illustrations are packed with signs, vehicles, building, and action - plenty to describe and talk about. (Ages 2-5)
(Full bibliographic info: Crews, Donald. Truck. Greenwillow, 1980.)

Five Trucks by Brian Floca
Five Trucks takes us on a trip to the airport and features all the trucks that work on the tarmac. Lots of transportation fun for young readers. (Ages 2-6)
(Full bibliographic info: Floca, Brian. Five Trucks. DK, 1999.)

Red Truck by Kersten Hamilton
On a rainy day some time between winter and spring, a school bus becomes stranded in the muck and the mud. Who is on the way to save the day? Red Truck! (Ages 1-5)
(Full bibliographic info: Hamilton, Kersten. Red Truck. Viking, 2008.)

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle
Unassuming, old fashioned Little Blue Truck has a spark of tried and true friendship and good will. Filled with farm animals and friendly illustrations, this is a story not to miss. If you like this book, check out the second in the series, Little Blue Truck Leads the Way. (Ages 2-6)
(Full bibliographic info: Schertle, Alice. Little Blue Truck. Harcourt, 2008.)

Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck by Lisa Wheeler
Is there room for one more? Farmer Dale always thinks so. As the animals squeeze in, the poor pickup truck finally breaks down and it takes a helping hand from everyone to get her running again. (Ages 2-6)
(Full bibliographic info: Wheeler, Lisa. Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck. Harcourt, 2004.)

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