Monday, December 7, 2009

The Power of Ten

You will find no shortage of counting picture books available today. And many of them are terrific and offer a wide range of themes so you can match your child's favorite interests to counting books to make the sharing and learning more enjoyable and meaningful. Below you'll find a grouping of counting books that all count up to the number ten. A few more have been touched on in other blog posts: Ten Tiny Tickles by Karen Katz, Ten Tiny Babies by Karen Katz, Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins, Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang, Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox and 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle.

Ten in the Bed by Jane Cabrera
A twist on the familiar rhyme, this version introduces some interesting occupations into the mix. (Ages 2-5)
(Full bibliographic info: Cabrera, Jane. Ten in the Bed. Holiday House, 2006.)

This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhardt
To the familiar tune of "This Old Man", Ehrhardt introduces you to nine famous jazz musicians. (Ages 4-9)
(Full bibliographic info: Ehrhardt, Karen. This Jazz Man. Harcourt, 2006.)

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin by Lloyd Moss
Counting from one solo instrument up to a ten piece orchestra, the reader meets an array of instruments. (Ages 4-9)
(Full bibliographic info: Moss, Lloyd. Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin. Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1995.)

Construction Countdown by K.C. Olson
For the trucks and construction enthusiasts, this book counts down from ten dump trucks down to two skid loaders. (Ages 2-5)
(Full bibliographic info: Olson, K.C. Construction Countdown. Henry Holt, 2004.)

Cookie Count: A Tasty Pop-Up by Robert Sabuda
If you are not familiar with Robert Sabuda's extraordinary artwork, then you are in for a treat. This pop-up book counts from one to ten as two mice are baking for the holiday season. The pop-ups are wonderful fun, but are delicate, so this is one to share together. (Ages 2-9)
(Full bibliographic info: Sabuda, Robert. Cookie Count: A Tasty Pop-Up. Little Simon, 1997.)

Over in the Garden by Jennifer Ward
Filled with lots of garden bugs, this variation of "Over in the Meadow" is sure to be a hit with those readers who love the great outdoors. (Ages 2-5)
(Full bibliographic info: Ward, Jennifer. Over in the Garden. Rising Moon, 2002.)

Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood
The vibrant illustrations and simple rhyming text count a school of fish down from ten to one, but in the end you have ten little fish all over again. (Ages 2-5)
(Full bibliographic info: Wood, Audrey. Ten Little Fish. Blue Sky Press, 2004.)

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? by Jane Yolen
A short board book, this counting book is for all those dinosaur fans out there. If you like Yolen's "How Do Dinosaurs..." series, this is another title to enjoy. (Ages 2-5)
(Full bibliographic info: Yolen, Jane. How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? Blue Sky Press, 2004.)

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  1. Great book recommendations for counting to ten! We love Jennifer Ward books especially. We just read 'There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea' tonight!